Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nancy Grace Remembered

No, NG is not dead.

But I do have to remember her on this anniversary of the party on Buchanan Street in Durham.

John Stewart remembered her. (Yes, I have blogged that link before.... but it's very good).

The only better treatment was the Amy Poehler as Nancy Grace thing. That was the best. But that video does not seem to be publicly available any more. You can see in the show notes where it took place.

Still, I remember.... Nancy Grace.

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Coca Colo said...

I do feel like it's important to point out that, although Nancy Grace is a fear-monger, most rapes are NOT falsely reported. In fact, most rapes are not reported at all. If they are reported, usually nothing happens to the attacker, especially if it ends up in the university judicial system. There are so many barriers to reporting rape, that it seems reasonable to assume, as a first instinct, that someone who reports it is NOT making it up. After all, when someone reports a burglary, the investigation tends to focus on who committed the crime, not whether a crime took place. While everyone deserves to be thought of as innocent until proven guilty, the same applies to rape victims, who are necessarily not being extended that courtesy if we let the extremely rare cases of falsely reported sexual assault color our views of them.