Saturday, March 27, 2010

President Obama is Correct on DADT

Here at KPC, we have been a bit hard on Prez BHO. Not as hard as we were on GWB, who we pretty much agreed was the worst. president. ever.

But, anyway, let's give a shout out: Don't Ask, Don't Tell is a dumb policy. President Obama is quite right to work toward ending it.

Next, we need to government out of the cupid business, deciding who gets to marry whom. But that is on down the road, I suppose.


Anonymous said...

Another example why we shouldn't rank recent presidents. Step away from the emotionalism, Mike. Bush is a bottom 10, but would you really argue he was the worst ever given the values you hold? ahh, FDR, Wilson, Johnson, Nixon were all worse. Bush didn't do wage and price controls, start a war that killed 52,000 Americans, resegregate Washington, or basically reinvent the U.S. government in favor of big business and Washington.

Unknown said...

I appreciate the very last sentence. Most libertarian blog posts I have seen on the whole gay marriage issue have been overwhelmingly in support of extending the government marriage franchise to homosexual couples. It would be like trying to fix affirmative action by giving its benefits to more groups. You fix affirmative action by getting rid of it. You fix disagreements over what marriage is by allowing individuals to be the determiner, not the government. Thanks Mike.

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