Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Libertarian Protests McCain-Palin, Gets Roughed Up

I can see the point. "Freedom of speech" does NOT mean you get to make an unscheduled presentation at someone else's rally. Video Here. So, holding a sheaf of papers and shrieking "freedom of speech!" doesn't make much sense, when you are on private property reserved and contracted for by someone else.

Still, every time I think of John McCain, I do want to go do something that might get me arrested for saying bad words in public. So I don't blame the "libertarian," either. We don't think much of John McCain.


John Thacker said...

Campaign finance reform is an abomination, but McCain actually has a pretty good record on a lot of libertarian issues, including free trade, agricultural subsidies, repeatedly voting against the farm bill and highway bill, and a few other things. (Voting against the federal marriage amendment and Medicare Part D.)

I've never completely understand the visceral horror towards McCain. I assume it has to do with his philosophical confusion and his self-righteousness.

Carpe Web said...

Well, the video is less than illuminating, but I assume the ranting guy ousted from the building is the "libertarian". How does anyone -- libertarian or just plain civilized -- not blame the ranting guy, when he's clearly not acting as a libertarian? Why don't I just call myself a libertarian and expect all libertarians to accommodate my every whim? After all, it's all about (my) liberty. Wait. Oh. Maybe not.

So, maybe it's ok to support a purported libertarian when s/he is only attacking the liberty of somebody we don't like. Hmm. That doesn't seem right either, so I'm lost.

Whether I agree with KPC or not, I think it's a great blog with thoughtful insights on libertarian perspectives, some of which I do support. Either I have no idea what you're actually saying here, or this ain't one of them.

Best regards,