Sunday, March 07, 2010

Icelanders: "No way, We won't pay!" Hey, We Don't WE Get to Vote on the Bailout?

So a bunch of goofballs in Europe put their money in a phony bank in Iceland, and lost a lot of Euros.

Then the European "We passed a law against risk" doofuses, (okay, the Brits and the Dutch)
decided that making citizens take responsibility for being goofballs is just too harsh, and used taxes raised at gunpoint from non-goofball citizens to pay off the goofballs.

Not surprisingly, the non-goofballs were miffed about this. Though I think in Britain and Nederlands there are laws against independent thought.... still, some people said, "why?"

So, the European government thugs decided to use extortion: Iceland, you can't play in our EU sandbox until you tax YOUR citizens to pay back OUR non-goofballs for having bailed out OUR goofballs who should never have invested in YOUR fake bank in the first place.

The Iceland government agreed, of course. It's not their money. The money belongs to the citizens of Iceland, who already took a giant hit because (as far as I can tell) every citizen of Iceland is a giant goofball in his/her own right.

But losing money because YOU are a goofball makes sense. Having to pay other people because THEY are goofballs....I don't see that. The Telfarssons and Helgotsdottirs of Iceland appear to agree, voting "NO" quite emphatically.

On the plus side, at least Icelanders get to VOTE on their dumb bailout. In the US, we are even worse: we don't have votes, just back room deals and payoffs to Democratic senators.

(Nod to Anonyman)


Anonymous said...

Iceland had guaranteed the deposits. Call me old-fashioned, but... pacta sunt servanda - or what do you think?

Obviously applying terrorism laws wasn't such a good idea of idiot-Brown of course.

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