Monday, March 22, 2010


I don't favor the bill that was passed and endorse Mungowitz's and Holtz-Eakin's concerns voiced in the previous post about the cost of the bill, but wow, I have to give it up for Nancy P.! She was relentless and got the job done. She is much better at her job than I gave her credit for being.

So, kudos to you Madame Speaker. That was an impressive political accomplishment.



Unknown said...

Given the democratic majority in the house I'm not sure it's all that impressive.

And when you consider the fiascos with estate tax and unemployment extensions it's arguable that Nancy and Harry have failed miserably.

Still she won this battle.

Unknown said...

I believe that your belief that this wouldn't be passed was one reason you gave for your optimistic economic forecast. Any changes?

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