Saturday, May 01, 2010

Durham Bulls

Took two of my friends from the Erlangen exchange program to a Durham Bulls game.

Here are Tim and Linus biting big ones.

Not sure they really "got" baseball, because it is a complicated game. But the bier and wurst were easily recognized.


Anonymous said...

So, we had a German au pair, and she asked me how long a baseball game takes. And I told her, it's variable, because it's not like soccer, you have to actually accomplish something before it's over. dave.s.

Martin said...

I see it did not rain this time. Back then, when I tried to attend a Bulls game it was raining. So the game never started. Put shortly (and mildly): The complicated excuse did (and does) not work with me.

I can also see that Tim and Linus already experienced that the US is big. My best to both. We need them for our soccer game here.

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