Saturday, July 21, 2012


Interwebs are buzzing over Peter Doyle's IMF resignation letter.

I have to say I'm not too impressed.

I know, I am a huge IMF critic. I know, pretty much everything he says is true.

But people, he took the very remunerative and tax free salary for 20 years!!!.

And then blasts everyone and proclaims himself "ashamed" of the organization.

Did it really take him that long to figure it out?

I'm guessing that, after 20 years of "service", he'll be getting and keeping a nice pension too.

Plus he was not exactly a low level drone. He was high enough up to be considered part of the problem in my opinion.

It's the economics version of a deathbed conversion;  work for the devil for 20 years and then see the light at the very end.

Nice job, Pete. You have a future in politics for sure.

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