Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I had assumed that this was a hoax.  But it turns out that they mean it.

The moral circle as a common motivational cause of cross-situational pro-environmentalism

Boyka Bratanova, Steve Loughnan & Birgitta Gatersleben
European Journal of Social Psychology, August 2012, Pages 539–545

Abstract:  Public engagement in pro-environmental behavior and support for pro-environmental policy are essential for achieving sustainable living. We propose that the “moral circle” is a common motivational source for engagement in environmentally beneficial activities across situations and may be thus drawn upon to efficiently promote these activities. Study 1 established an association between chronic moral circle size and nine pro-environmental activities from different domains. Via experimental manipulation of the moral circle size, Studies 2a–d demonstrated its causal effect on intentions to engage in pro-environmental activities. Together, these studies offer an important initial demonstration of the beneficial consequences of more expansive moral circle in the domain of pro-environmentalism. Routes for expanding the moral circle and thus promoting pro-environmental activities are discussed.

(Nod to Kevin Lewis)


Tom said...

I first thought: "I want to know who pays for this!"

After thinking more, I probably don't want to know.

Hasdrubal said...

You know, this would be potentially interesting (though likely well covered ground) if they had just done a peer pressure study without the moralizing.

Unknown said...

How is this different from bible study groups? Or boy scout troops?

Anonymous said...

Bob Knaus: Those are faith based groups, contemplating an unknowable mystery.

Presumably, the problem of global warming is a scientific problem, not a moral one.

If your belief in global warming is a RELIGIOUS belief....well, then let's not talk about it. 'Cause you'll get all mad and stuff if your irrational beliefs are challenged. That's how religions work.