Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Marital Advice

Some quick marital advice:  I will celebrate 26 years of being with the LMM, on Thursday!  Hooray!  She is somewhat less excited.

It may be because she just got a new iPhone.  And then she could not get the voice mail set up on her iPhone.  She was more than a bit miffed about this.

So I set it up, with the following message, using my voice:  "This is [LMM's] phone.  She is digitally challenged, and so could not get her own voice on this greeting.  But if you leave a message, I promise that she will accidentally delete it and then yell at me."

For some reason, the LMM was MUCH more than miffed about this.  Now she is hearing my actual voice say,  "It was just a little joke, sweetie!  Sweetie?"

Anyway, the advice.  Don't try this at home.  I am TRAINED.  Sweetie?

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Anonymous said...


To make her feel better you might want to let her know that she's not the best woman in the world, but she was good enough to where the marginal cost of finding someone better exceeded the marginal benefit of trading up.

BTW - True story: My wife worked for an association in DC when we were married. I thought it was a compliment telling here that there were a lot of very smart and talented people working at that association and it was too bad they weren't doing something productive. Don't try that at home either.