Monday, July 02, 2012

Worst Fans? Most Dangerous Stadium?

Long-time reader RL writes, with considerable joy, that this means that Philly no longer can be said to have "the worst fans."

Some points:
1.  In Philly, if you get hit with a bullet, it was not "fired in celebration."  It was fired at you.  Probably by the police.

2.  In Philly, the fans don't get hit.  The players do.  Oh, and Santa Claus.  As Chuck Brodsky put it:

Philly fans, they’ve been known to get nasty
When Joe must go, they’ll run him out of town
I saw Santa get hit by a snowball
And then get hit again when he was down

So, no worries, RL: Philadelphia is still the place that would get wet first, if the world got diarrhea.

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