Tuesday, July 17, 2012

There is no Great Stagnation

Wow. Turns out that Eduardo Saverin didn't really have to renounce his US citizenship to live in Singapore after all, because 7-11 mashed potato & gravy Slurpees are now available in the USA.

This, people, truly is the best of all possible worlds.

You put your cup (mouth?) under the spigot, press the "mashed potatoes" button and out they come. Then hit the "gravy" button and mix it right in.

These little miracles have been available in Singapore since 2009, which makes me wonder how the USA has any citizens left at all.


Gerardo said...

This could be the greatest invention since sliced bread!

zimaroll said...

Would be even better if a video of an American Bandstand teenybopper danced the mashed potato while your cup filled.

GeorgeMitges said...

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RobertDWood said...

I, for one, enjoyed this tune enormously.