Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ill Doctrine on Romney

This is pretty amusing.

I found the "Condi Rice as smoke bomb" idea to be pretty clever.

With a nod and respects to my good friend and colleague Mark Anthony Neal, @newblackman  


Anonymous said...

I think P. Obama's attack of Gov. Romney and Bain Capital is reprehensible. Romney and Bain RESCUED JOBS that would have otherwise gone away when the mismanged firm went out of business! It is the failure of people who teach Economics and Business to explain Capitalism that causes so many people to be ignorant to how business works. As far as going to speak to the NAACP, it was a waste of his time because there is no way that Romney will get many votes from that group because the NAACP depends on black people being regarded as poorly educated, incapable of helping themselves, and needy of special privileges due to some of their ancestors being slaves in the mid 1800's.

Mungowitz said...

well, then.