Thursday, July 05, 2012

the possibilities are endless

Mrs. Angus and I recently bought a piece of dirt outside Santa Fe and are considering building there.

Originally we were going old school with traditional adobe walls both exterior and interior.

However, a somewhat new to America concept called Passive House, has caught our eye.

The idea is to build in a way that requires very little energy to heat and cool the house (often 80% less than typical new construction).

We are thinking of adding a smallish grid-tied solar system to make the house a net energy generator!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the 21st century!

But seriously, if you really build one pay attention to sufficient air circulation. In Germany some houses are so well insulated that as a result mold develops due to a lack of air circulation.

Anonymous said...

Passive solar = excellent, pays for itself fast, solar. Well played.

bamboo investments said...

I had never heard of that idea of passive before, what a fascinating approach.

Anonymous said...

I chose a passive agressive house, big mistake. Good luck to you.

Angus said...

Anon #1: yes, the house will have an air exchanger for exactly those reasons

Anon #3: well played!