Saturday, July 07, 2012

Mr. Green Links

1.  I am agnostic about fracking.  Seems complicated.  But here we have the opinions of Natalie Merchant and other "artists," whose only qualifications for participating in the fracking debate is an incapacity for self-doubt.  Brought to you as always by the NYTimes, which is careful to provide the full range of views from the mildly wacky left to the completely insane left.

2.  At first I thought this was a hoax.  But it appears to be real.  At least, in the sense that any of the Obama "green jobs" hoaxes are real.  Okay, yes, so the whole "green jobs" thing is a hoax.  But it's a real hoax, not a hoax from "The Onion."  Again, the NYT appears never to have read any actual news.

3.  Not surprisingly, "green jobs" are a significant net cost.  Far from creation, these kinds of "investments" are actually job prevention.  How are you going to save the environment if you always go 'round breaking windows?  The Dub-MOE explains about broken windows.
BTW: Title with apologies to Hugh Brannum.


Anonymous said...

Fracking is safe:

Ironically, the "Gasland" guy that lights his tap water on fire only had that crap in his water because the people who drilled his water well a few hundred feet contaminated his well--not the oil companies drilling several miles down. People are dumb.

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