Saturday, June 15, 2013

Social Pain

Can Marijuana Reduce Social Pain? 

Timothy Deckman et al. 
Social Psychological and Personality Science, forthcoming 

Abstract: Social and physical pain share common overlap at linguistic, behavioral, and neural levels. Prior research has shown that acetaminophen — an analgesic medication that acts indirectly through cannabinoid 1 receptors — reduces the social pain associated with exclusion. Yet, no work has examined if other drugs that act on similar receptors, such as marijuana, also reduce social pain. Across four methodologically diverse samples, marijuana use consistently buffered people from the negative consequences associated with loneliness and social exclusion. These effects were replicated using cross-sectional, longitudinal, and experimental designs. These findings offer novel evidence supporting common overlap between social and physical pain processes.

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Friday, June 14, 2013


You may know the piece of computer jargon, "DWIM."

It's an acronym for "Do What I Mean."  Of course, computers can only do what we SAY; they really can't tell what we mean.  The LMM DWIMs all the time (yes, DWIM can be a verb).

I had just asked her to remind me to Skype with the EYM (he's in Chile) on Sunday at 4 or 5.

She wanted to display her virtuosity with computers (We saw "The Internship" last night, so we're feeling pretty post-millenial).  So, she woke up SIRI, and said, "Remind me to tell Michael to SKYPE on Sunday at 4 or 5."

Of course, the computer "brain" has no way of understanding what "4 or 5" means.  SIRI could do it at 4, or at 5, or at any specific time.  But "remind me later" is a DWIM move; no way SIRI can do that.

I was staying very quiet so I could eavesdrop on the resulting hilarity.  But SIRI just punted, and said she would "Remind you to tell Michael to SKYPE at forty-five," which doesn't mean anything.  A missed opportunity.

How Can This Be Illegal?

So, a guy gets a speeding ticket.

He pays the ticket, on time, with a valid check.

But he adds a bunch of obscenities and editorializing on the ticket form.  Not threats, just pissed off.

So...he is arrested?  Really?  This is clearly political speech, in the sense of a petition for a redress of grievances.  No question it is political, so fails the Miller Test on what can be prosecuted.

And no one even saw it, until the state decided to make an issue of things that would have just remained private.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Tip of the Data Spear

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Environmental Zeal, Icelandic Edition

An interesting fellow, Arnar Sigurdsson, writes from Iceland. And found my little piece on recycling.  He went from thinking that no one else KNOWS about recycling fraud, to realizing that everyone knows, but that they condone it because it's "moral" to do it, even if it wastes resources.

He published an op-ed in the newspaper there, and here is the link.  But unless you read Icelandic, you'll need the following (not very good, I admit) translation.  Here is the best I could do (blame me, not Arnar, for infelicities):

Recycling can be an example of Glori-free operation based on political orthodoxy, expert power and meinloku thought.

Recently article appeared with the title of "Half doubt about recycling dump." This is certainly a thought provoking fact the case for the fact that everyone should question the recycling of waste and the presence of recycling funds. (More after the jump)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Parable on Environmental Zeal

An email from BW in Logan Utah, reproduced in its entirety...

Issac Hammon’s restaurant wasn’t doing well. People in the community had many dining-out options and business volume at Issac’s restaurant was insufficient to break even, let alone earn a profit. 

But Issac had friends in local government, so approached them with a proposal. “Let’s mandate that every household in the community eat at my restaurant at least twice each month. With increased volume, I can cover my costs while keeping meal prices reasonable. This will benefit the community by creating more jobs and adding to tax revenues."  (More below the jump)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

El Candigato!

Hey, White House! Surveil THIS!

A nod to Angry Alex

Headlines That Tell the Story....

1.  TSA Agents Stop Chewbacca Actor Over Light Saber.  "Um, light sabers are not real weapons, they are special effects..."  "Hey, no way, fuzz boy.  I saw Luke's arm get cut off!  Get out of line."

2. Japanese teens are spreading pink eye by licking each other's eyeballs

3. FL deputy removes Doritos bag from deer's head

Angus and Mungowitz are the new Black

Wow!  Some respect, from the WP.  Sort of.  Libertarians are cool!

Of course, EJ Dionne is predictably idiotic.  I really think that there is no set of empirical facts that could make ol' EJD recant his fervent mancrush on Obama.  Yo, EJ:  Libertarianism is a DIRECTION.  You are trying to defend your guy by fabricating criticisms about what you imagine to be the DESTINATION.

Monday, June 10, 2013

The day the NSA sent Obama Mungo's internet profile

People, how did this internet spying thing stay secret for so long? It's not like Obama was hiding it even a little bit.

Monday's Child is Full of Links

1.  Free heroin in Vancouver.  Free.

2.  Bernanke's sense of humor...

3.  Don't drink and drive.  And don't eat and Tweet.

4.  Smartphones and Medical care...a video.

5.  Forbidden photos:  Secret shots of Hitler's bunker.

6.  I wonder if she actually believes this.  But then, I wonder if Sen. DF actually believes ANYTHING.

7.  Is it creepy that I want to go to see this, even though I have no children to take?  Maybe I can borrow Fundman's kid.

8.  Crony capitalism, thy name is "Republican."And again:  too close to the sun.

9.  It's gonna take a lot to take drones away from the state, There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do, Obama blesses the drones down in Africa, Gonna take some time to kill the  folks we neeeeeever have.

10.  Man.  Now the LMM wants to leave me for Rod Stewart.  And he's, like, 90.

11.  Why would a judge ignore the system of allocation, given how scarce transplants are?  Because he's a judge.  Not clear he can actually force his will, though.  Ugly little incident.

12.  The first rule of rent-seeking problems:  The more complex the rules, and the more powerful the rule enforcer, the more corruption you will get.  And Obamacare is going to be shockingly corrupt.

13.  Follow-up by my friend and colleague Bahar L., on her case in Turkey.

14.  Paper is a renewable resource.  Why the obsession with getting rid of it? 

15.  Okay, so the NYTimes may be a craven, cowardly, rag that is wholly owned by the Democratic Party as an outlet for propaganda.  But even the NYTimes can be honest, at some point.  This is going to leave a mark.

16. "Many development economists argue that poor countries can get richer if they improve their institutions, particularly the rule of law. The converse also applies: Rich countries can get poorer if their institutions deteriorate, particularly the rule of law. Today only lawyers think the United States has the world's best legal system...The chief business of the American people is no longer business. I fear it may be bureaucracy."

17.  The bikes of New York, and the rage of New York about the bikes.  Jon Stewart weighs in.

18.  Wind energy:  The Stupid Frontier.

19.  What could possibly go wrong with a program that makes it effectively impossible for U.S. companies to compete internationally? Some impressively paranoid speculation from Instapundit.

Headline Meme:

1.  NYC Mayoral Candidates Gets Rise Out of Wiener.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

So much wrongness in one tiny tweet

Con 2 súper cracks antes de la gran final!! Qué grandes que son!!