Saturday, October 13, 2007

And Sometimes a Cigar is NOT just a Cigar

Sim Jae-Duck, ex-mayor of Suweon and current member of the South Korean Parliment has built the pictured edifice (all 4500 square feet of it) to mark the launch of his new NGO, The World Toilet Association!

Sim's campaign began during his term as Suweon mayor from 1995 to 2002. His drive to transform toilets into "clean and beautiful resting places imbued with culture" earned him the nickname "Mayor Toilet".

Public restrooms in the city were jazzed up with paintings, fresh flowers or even small gardens. His achievements prompted Sim to launch the Korea Toilet Association in 1999, in time for South Korea's co-hosting with Japan of the football World Cup three years later.

A future project in his active mind is IT-based toilets, where people can check their health or surf the Internet.

"Toilets were once regarded as stinking and dirty places. Not any more. They must be treated as the sanctuary that protects human health," Sim said.

Perhaps it will not come as a big surprise to you that the punchline here is: Sim was BORN IN A BATHROOM!!!!

Sim Jae-Duck was born in a restroom and now he plans to live and die in one -- a 1.6 million dollar toilet-shaped house designed to promote his tireless campaign for cleaner loos worldwide.

Sim's birth in a restroom was in line with traditional beliefs.

"It was intentional. My mother followed advice from my grandmother that people born in restrooms will enjoy long lives," said the 74-year-old.


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