Thursday, October 25, 2007

GadZOOKS! Trying to get on the BALLOT!

"Everybody is very cautious, not wanting to take this too seriously, or to
say that campaign finance laws are going to stop satire, or what is clearly
a joke. But he's trying to get on the ballot, and he could in fact affect
the election."

-- Lawrence Noble, former general counsel for the Federal Election
Commission, on Stephen Colbert's ostensibly faux-campaign

(Nod to KL)

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Anonymous said...

Even without being on the ballot, I could see Colbert getting 1-5% of the vote as a write in.

In fact, of the 6 GenYers that I know, 100% have said they will vote for Colbert, and about half of my fellow GenX friends have said definitively that they will vote for Colbert. That percentage will likely increase as the primaries run their inevitable course.