Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How They Gonna Wear Cashmere NOW? And the algae....ick

From the Times:

“We represent the entertainment community,” said Kelly Chapman Meyer, whose husband, Ron, is the president of Universal Studios Group. “We use our resources and our connections to push for environmental issues.”

“We want a climate bill that’s not going to die,” said Colleen Bell, a philanthropist and writer whose husband, Bradley, is the executive producer and head writer of the soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

Ms. Meyer told Ms. Boxer, a Democrat who is one of her home senators, that warmer weather has intensified climate-related problems in the lapping waves near her house in Malibu. “I’m a surfer,” she said. “The algae bloom is insane.”

Ms. Boxer said she was working to push climate legislation through the Senate, adding that she also worried about global warming. “We can see it happening, we can feel it happening,” she said. “The fashion industry is so upset because they can’t sell their cashmere sweaters.”

Note that this last was actually said by a U.S. Senator, albeit one with an I.Q. (though not an appearance) that would make her well-suited for the role of trophy wife.

But the warming isn't all bad, at least not when it comes to overheated rhetoric: “'You’ll be the hot grandma, I’ll be the kind-of-hot grandma,' Ms. Meyer said."

Well, there you are, then.

(Nod to Anonyman. He's hot, too)