Thursday, October 25, 2007

A fascinating moral dilemma

We all think child molesters are evil. And, fair enough: an adult
male sexually molesting a young child, against the active resistance
of that child....there's nothing short of cold-blooded murder that could
be worse, and you could even argue that. Child-sex predators are the worst
people on earth.'s a guy who...well, read it.

Admirable, in a way. The guy couldn't help the fact that he has these urges. But
he tried to control his response to these urges. And, i'm guessing that it worked. Poor guy, I seriously feel sorry for him. It's like a horrible game of CLUE: The child molester. With a filet knife. In the bathroom.

(Nod to Mr. Overwater)


BR said...

"Poor guy, I seriuosly feel sorry for him." Give me a break Mungowitz! Maybe you should start a nonprofit called the Association for the Protection of Pedophiles and Predators of the Young; "Ass PAPPY" for short.

Everybody who rapes or murders someone is messed up in the head. I only feel sorry for taxpayers in these situations, because they probably funded emergency crews and healthcare for someone who should have been terminated a long time ago.

V said...

Its an interesting story, but doesn't it prove that the man knew he was doing wrong - as such, what he did to himself was a pointless exercise in self pity!

I have urges to jump into Ferraris at junctions - removing the current driver in the process. I don't do it because it is wrong. I don't feel the need to remove my right foot to stop me using the accelerator!

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Hey this is really hard to read, because every time I listen about one of these rapists I get totally mad! They deserve jail for life!