Wednesday, October 17, 2007

We're Different....Just Like You!

On people from the "northwest", a list of types.

Many are good, but "Obsessive Compulsive Recycler" is a personal fave. (That's #17).

(Nod to Todd, who recycles rationally)

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Scott said...

When I recycle (not as compulsively as ol' #17, mind you), I sometimes have to rinse something repeatedly and/or with hot water (e.g. peanut butter jar) to get it clean enough to not attract ants when I put it in the bin outside.

I always wonder how much of the energy/resources used (natural gas for the water heater, the water, the fraction of electricity used by the water purification plant/ water treatment plant, etc.) cuts into the resource/energy savings of the recycling itself?

I am sure it is not enough to NOT recycle....not implying that at all! I am just curious (and desire to continue to avoid grading by thinking about it).