Thursday, October 25, 2007

You Can't Handle the Truth, But Keith Poole Can

Fantastic email rant from one of KPC's best friends, Keith "HILLARY'S WINNING, & MY GODDAMNED HOUSE IS ON FIRE!" Poole, in San Diego.

The Republican Party is a smoking ruin much like many areas within 10 miles of my house. They threw away their brand name of low taxes and small government.

My academic next door neighbor, Gary Jacobson, and I are at opposite ends of the spectrum but we read the tea leaves the same way. The R's are going to lose a handful of additional seats in the House and about 4 Senate seats (although we have a shot in LA).

I do not see how the Clinton machine can be stopped. The George Soros (plus
other billionaires like the two in CO who have single-handedly torpedoed the Republican party there) will spend at least a ****billion**** dollars through 527s for Hillary! Even though she has high negatives -- my wife, Jan, who many of you have met, is not political at all and she really dislikes her -- it is likelier that the R vote will be split than the D vote. It is not hopeless but I would bet on the Clinton machine.

Look what we have to look forward to -- idiotic trade policy, high taxes, paid family leave, a pre-School entitlement, Union check-offs, nightmarish liberal judges who love a "living" (i.e., New York Times type Constitution), and all other types of horrors only the left can conjure up!

Here I am 60 years old with the housing market crashing and Southern California
burring down, I will never be able to retire!!

The horror, the horror.

We LOVE Keith Poole. He was a grouchy old man at age 7, and has only gotten grouchier and funnier with age.