Friday, October 19, 2007

Harsh! Owie.

Well, I do come in for some harsh, but probably deserved, treatment here.

Some minor points:

1. I like to ride Amtrak. Given a choice, I would say that Amtrak should be privatized. When in DC, I ride the Metro. That doesn't mean I think the Metro
should have been built, at an enormous cost to taxpayers. I don't see that boycotting any of the things provided by the state, against my will, make me better off.

2. My hair is NOT dyed. It has not been colored in any way, not since 2005 (I got some highlights then, at my wife's suggestion). The story on the hair: My wife had a severe bout with cancer in summer 2004. Five operations. We spent a lot of time around women with no hair, because of chemo and other rough treatments. I resolved to grow my hair out, to donate it to Locks of Love. It is nearly long enough to donate now. I look forward to getting rid of it. My preference has always been for short hair. Since clearly no woman would find my hair attractive, I assume that the writer (and his fascination with my hair) reflects some sort of homosexual-denial anger. It's okay that you are gay, pumpkin. Just come out and admit it to yourself. You'll be happier.

3. Some students don't like having to think. They prefer to have lectures read to them, instead of thinking. Those students should not take my classes. The idea that "prepared" means having the professor read lecture notes is rather silly.

(Thanks to alert reader TR. You didn't need to be quite so GLEEFUL, though)

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Robert S. Porter said...

I think point #3 is of utmost importance. You gain very little from listening to lectures drone on. The most important thing is that the students engage and absorb the material. This is why I believe that seminars are the single best way to educate.