Monday, October 15, 2007

Maybe half a billion will do the trick!

At the University of Oklahoma we count on rabid statewide support and our 7 national championships to keep things a hoppin'. At Oklahoma State, they count on T Boone Pickens (what a great name, reminds me of Foghorn Leghorn). Mr. Pickens donated $70 million to OSU athletics in 2003. Unsatisfied with the results, he upped the ante and added another $165 million last year.


"What I keep coming back to is we're in the Big 12, and it's a tough conference," Mr. Pickens said. "I want us to be competitive. How it impacts me? My name's on the stadium.

"I don't know what else they could do. I guess they could put it on each one of the seats."

So far not so good: the 'Pokes are 4-3 so far this year and their recent victory against Nebraska induced that august institution to fire its athletic director, even though they had just just given him a new 5 year contract over the summer. I guess it's still not cool to lose to OSU, where's that checkbook T Boone??

Update: grammar edit at 10:44 pm


Shawn said...

...that would be..."to fire its athletic director".

That's probably the only thing I'll ever be able to correct of yours. Except that OU has prettier girls than UF, which is just tomfoolery.

Angus said...

Duly noted, thanks. oh and while the prettier girls may be debatable, we by FAR have the prettier sheep!!!