Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bachelet kisses China's butt.

Chilean President and putative human rights activist Michele Bachelet visited China and said this:

"President Bachelet reiterated that Chile adheres firmly to the only one China policy, respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Popular Republic of China, recognizes that Taiwan and Tibet form part of China. The Chinese side expressed their appreciation for this Chilean position."

Why, Madame President? Well here's her explanation for the smoocheroo:

"China has a strategic dimension for the development of Chile and its people. There'll be investments, more companies and more opportunities. And it's a reality that doesn't permit any kind of second guessing."

Holy crap! You're not just supposed to come out and say it so cravenly like that are you?? Are the Chilean government's foreign policy positions simply for sale to the highest bidder? Is she subtly trying to encourage Taiwan to start a bidding war? Wow!

Hat tip to Greg Weeks.

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Good Job! :)