Saturday, April 26, 2008

An email from an NC Repub

I was forwarded this email from a long time North Carolina Republican.

She gave me permission to post it.

I have been a Republican all of my 56 years. I have lived in Cary NC for the past 24 years.

I am DEEPLY offended by this insulting ad against Moore and Perdue that uses Rev. Wright. I just heard Linda Daves defend its use on MSNBC and to say she was laughable is an understatement. She said it was a commentary on their judgement to back Obama.

I will tell you it only shows me what Ms. Daves' judgement is and what I fear the NC GOP's judgement is. If that ad is the way the Republican party expects to earn my vote for governor, you are sadly mistaken. I would rather vote for the Democrat than the Republican if that ad continues to run. I am humiliated that my party would find this ad effective much less in good taste.

I have been very proud of the growth and progress I've witnessed in NC and also proud of it's growing reputation throughout the country in so many areas.

Today when I saw that ad I was ashamed of the NC GOP. Ashamed that you can not find a better way to uplift people and make them want to vote for the Republican, rather than target the baser instincts of some people. I thought the NC GOP was better than that. Your request on the website to try to keep that ad on the air is repugnant.

Here is the ad:

My own view: these ads get run because they work. This one may be too extreme. But it also may not.

The Durham Herald ran my view on this, a few days ago, after the PA primary....

The Herald-Sun (Durham, North Carolina)
Distributed by McClatchy-Tribune Business News
April 23, 2008 Wednesday
230 words
BRIEF: Duke professor: McCain the real winner
Ray Gronberg, The Herald-Sun, Durham, N.C.

Apr. 23--DURHAM -- Hillary Clinton's Pennsylvania primary win further scrambles a Democratic Party nominating process that's helping presumptive Republican nominee John McCain more than anyone else, a Duke University political scientist says.

While attention now turns to the May 6 primaries in North Carolina and Indiana, leading Democrats have reason to worry that Clinton's fight with fellow Barack Obama is going on too long, Duke professor Michael Munger said.

Their problem is that negative campaigning on both sides is driving down their vote-getting potential in November's general election.

"Clinton is saying bad things about Obama and Obama is saying bad things about Clinton, and the voters are going to believe both of them," Munger said. "Unless they find some way to stop this dance of death, we might as well get used to saying 'President McCain.' "

Recent polls in this state show Obama with a lead over Clinton that ranges anywhere from 9 to 25 points.

But I think the NC ad is a mistake tactically, and an offense to decency.


Tom said...

Munger thinks "the NC ad is a mistake tactically, and an offense to decency."

Well, then! He had better start now to rehearse his response to my plan: a TV ad urging illegal immigrants to vote Libertarian. 8-)

Anonymous said...

Your "GOP" friend thinks the ad shows poor judgement [sic]?

I tend not to trust the judgment of people who have yet to master the spelling of the word.

P.S. Wright is relevant, and he's Clinton's fault. To be clear, there were no Republicans in the Democratic primary when Camp Clinton broke out the Wright card and tried to tear down their opponent so she could hijack the nomination.