Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bus, meet Dad. Dad, meet Bus

Wow. Chelsea worked off some stored up anger by throwing her dear old dad under the bus last night at Duke.

DURHAM, N.C. - Chelsea Clinton said Tuesday her mother would be a better president than her father because Hillary Rodham Clinton is more prepared and more progressive.Clinton, campaigning for her mother, told about 300 people at Duke University that former President Clinton didn't have a complete grasp of the inner workings of Congress when he took office in 1993.

The former first daughter said her mother will benefit from her time as a New York senator.

Chelsea Clinton said her mother stands her ground on issues but knows how to work with Republicans. And that, she said, will help her mother navigate challenges and fulfill her campaign promises.

"I think that she'll be a better president because she'll be more progressive and she's more prepared," Clinton said. "She'll just hit the ground running from Day One in a way that my father was not as equipped to do."

That is just so awesome in so many ways. It's probably faster and easier to say what parts are actually true. Given that "progressive" means "liberal" Hill would be more "progressive" than Bill. Thats about it though.

Hill "stands her ground on the issues?" LOL, like the war?? Knows how to work with Republicans? Better than Bill? Every hear of NAFTA, Chelsea??

Shouldn't we expect just a wee bit more perspective from a history major at Stanford?


Shawn said...

I wonder if a first daughter gets the same sort of tutoring schedules (read: unlimited) that athletes do...

Ever had anyone superfamous in your classes, angus? Ever hear of pressure to grade in a certain way?

Unanswerable, I'm sure...but intriguing.

Chris Lawrence said...

I guess once she saw Obama throw grandma from the train she figured it was OK to do the same to dear old dad.

By the way, I deeply enjoyed hearing Hillary talk last night about how the progressive movement had ensured Chelsea lived in an era of integrated schools. Shame Sidwell Friends has about the same level of racial integration as a 1950s-era public school in Arkansas.

And every day I live is a day I become happier I was rejected by Stanford (undergrad).

Angus said...

Famous people I've had in class: Alex Tabarrok and Mark J Perry!

At OU, I've only had one football player in a class ever (due to self selection??) and he worked his butt off. Had golfers, tennis players, gymnast, & volleyballists; they tended to be quite good students.

Most grading pressure I ever faced was at Tulane, from parents of spoiled rich kids. Tulane admin. generally took the students' side!

Have I mentioned that I don't like Tulane?

Chris Lawrence said...

Could you mention it louder? I don't think my boss heard. (I haven't seen any grading pressure thus far, but maybe someone is changing the grades down in the registrar's office for me ;-)

Prison Rodeo said...

She'll work closely with Republicans, all right: if nominated, she'll be the #1 vote-mobilizer on the GOP side in November...

That said, the idea that a President H. Clinton will work with Congressional Republicans is laughable -- not because she won't work with them, but because none of them will touch her. Any GOP Congresscreature who even once votes for a Hill-bill will be out on its a$$ the very next primary.