Friday, April 25, 2008

How long can this go on?

We are closing in on 4 weeks since the Zimbabwean presidential elections, with no results yet announced. The parliamentary elections didn't go Mugabe's way and they are currently being "recounted". The MDC candidate who in all likelihood won the presidential election is in Ghana, afraid to stay in Zim. And now there's this:

Armed riot police raided the headquarters of Zimbabwe's main opposition party on Friday and detained scores of people in the biggest crackdown on the MDC since disputed elections last month, officials said. Dozens of riot police detained around 100 MDC supporters who were taken away in a crowded police bus, a Reuters witness said. The MDC said 200 to 250 police took part in the raid and they also took away computers used by the election command centre.

At this point, it looks like Mugabe staying in power seems like the most likely outcome of this mess. Father time (Bobby M is 84), seems like the only savior of the Zimbabwean people.


Tom said...

More good news from Father Time: Joseph Msika is 84.

Sadly, Joyce Mujuru is only 52 and I can only guess how many other would-be dictators are waiting in the wings.

That's the trouble with removing corrupt politicians by Shooting: it's like a game of Whack o'Mole. Institutional changes are better.

br said...

Tom gets quote of the year.