Friday, April 18, 2008

Been Away, Haven't Seen You for a While, How've You Been?

(Sorry about the Dave Mason title; I'm in a hurry).

Was gone all this week, leaving again for DC for IHS Career Development. I'll get to see that cute Dave Schmidtz, though, so it's all worth it.

Tuesday: Gave talk at Bowling Green State U, in Ohio, at Social Philosophy. Wonderful folks. Saw Larry White, who was kind enough to comment.

Wednesday night: Back in NC, went to Winston-Salem, did four different gigs on WXII. Will try to post links soon. Strange questions from listeners, and I got in trouble for being insensitive. Makes sense, though: I AM insensitive.

Thursday: Drove to Cullowhee, and Western Carolina to give a talk and go out to lunch. Trying to establish a "Munger for Gov" organization out there. I think it worked; I have a campus rep, and a vice rep. Great kids. Drove out to Murphy. Wow.

More soon, when I get to DC. Have to give my main talk tonight. May have time to post tomorrow.


will.welch said...

Did you change your style?

will.welch said...

edit: Have you changed your style?

Tom said...

Stop saying you are insensive. I know you -- you are sensitive.

If you are offended by what I said, that proves I'm right.