Friday, April 25, 2008

It's a RULE!

My son Kevin (18) is going to be a t-ball ump this summer.

Not an ump, actually, a "field manager."

The field manager confers with the two coaches to determine,
unanimously, if an out has been recorded.

The rules...the rules are pretty good. My favorite:

Rule 5.1: No one can keep score. In fact, no score can be kept by
either team or by fans; everyone is a winner!

Nice that one doesn't need to win to be a winner, but that just having a rule makes you one.


The Unknown Professor said...

Rule #10:

No one talks about t-ball.

Shawn said...

well, then, you just broke rule 10 and rule 11

Seth said...

How long do these t-ball games last if there is a conference every out? I hope he is getting paid by the hour.

Paul said...

Man, I remember losing *tons* when I played T-ball.

And not really caring ...

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