Sunday, April 20, 2008

Money Myth

Money Myth, in California, by Jay Greene


Shawn said...

and the money quote?

"numerators always feel bigger without denominators."


How do you do...
revoltingly rich

Tell me you don't want to be rich, tell me, ha, fucking liar
It'd be a right buzz-oldrin


Zimbabwe's brilliant, in't it? Aside from all that dictatorship business, those deaths and routine starvation rumours. Because of inflation for fifty quid your a zibabab millionaire, Jesus never had it that good.

Generally, to be a regular richy rich your family have to drink water sourced from polar ice caps, filtered through panda brains and shoot foreign dignitaries for fun. If your not and those first few months of you life are spent surrounded by parents; Candice and Johnno, who feed you an assortment of the pringles range and gone off Hooch. Kill your nubile young body and wait for the next miracle moment, won't be long, bout three a second, i hear.

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