Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Joke Botching

Yesterday, gave a talk over at UNC-Chapel Hill.

This story appeared in the Deadly Tar Ball.

In particular, the story contains this as a final paragraph:

He wrapped up his speech by showing distrust for the presidential candidates.

"If John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were on a bridge and it collapsed, America would be saved."

I responded, in comments, like this:

The last sentence in the story is a summary of a joke, one that misses the point of the joke. What I actually said was this:

Suppose Clinton, Obama, and McCain were on a bridge. Now, suppose the bridge collapsed into the water....

Who would be saved?

Answer: The American people.

Not a funny joke, but it is in the context of someone asking me who I endorse, among the major candidates. The point is that I don't endorse any of them.

On the other hand, I wish them no harm. I hope that all the bridges they cross stand tall and firm, and don't collapse.


Angus said...

Lol, ur goin' to Gitmo fer sure

Anonymous said...

Get a visit from the Secret Service, did we?


br said...

Similar strategy worked for Jesse Helms in '94.