Monday, April 28, 2008

What Would Angus Do?

Went over to UNC-Chapel Hill today, for a dissertation defense.

Went by the "Java City" in the main dining hall.

Asked for a large coffee.

Elderly lady behind counter says, patiently but with a hint of anger:
"We don't have large, sir. We have three sizes: extra small, small, and medium. Now, which size do you want?"

What would Angus do?

(No, I am not making this up).


Angus said...

Well I'm already married, and not looking for another wife, so I guess I'd just give her a high five and pee my pants laughing.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's done to make fat people like Tommy the Englishman feel like he's not consuming a 4000 calorie latte?

Tom said...

"Sir, our store policy is to make you feel like you're not getting much for your money. Now, do you want to be gyped, cheated, or swindled?" (It's a monopoly!)

That's unless the portions really are tiny. Being "from the government, they're probably just looking out for your health. That's what the retail business is all about, right?

Unknown said...

Id say that the reasoning is that someone decided people were drinking too much coffee. The obvious answer to that particular issue would be to get rid of the choice of "large." Also, beware that the coffee is hot, and may scald you if it is dumped in your lap.