Friday, April 04, 2008

Needed: An Ex-Dictator rest home

It looks like Mugabe has decided to fight. He's raiding opposition offices, arresting foreign journalists, and parading independence fighters through the streets. He is rumored to be planning a 90 day delay in the runoff election (it's supposed to be 21 days after the first vote). Incredibly, the electoral commission still has not released ANY presidential vote results. None!

One thing that may have weighed on Bobby M. is that ex-dictators don't tend to get cushy digs and aren't always safe from future prosecution. Thus they may tend to hang on til the bitter end.

Here are a few ex-dictators and their exile locations and durations. Please help me add to this list with other cases I've missed. Are there ones who have gotten a "good" (for them) deal?

Baby Doc-Haiti-France still alive 1986-present

Alfredo Stroessner-Paraguay-Brazil 1989-2006

Idi Amin -Uganda- Saudi Arabia 1981-2003


Charles Taylor-Liberia-Nigeria-2003-2006- now on trial in Sierra Leone

Hissène Habré-Chad-Senegal-1991-present.

Juan Peron-Argentina-Spain-1955-73-returned with new wife to be president again.


fh said...

Augusto Pinochet struck a pretty good deal, becoming Senator for life - only getting prosecuted towards the last months of his life.

Tom said...

Charles Taylor is at The Hague. The trial is BY the Special Court for Sierra Leone, but he's deemed too dangerous to be IN Sierra Leone.

Steven Taylor said...

There was Anastasio Somoza of Nicaragua, who first went to Miami, but then made the mistake of going to hang out with Stroessner in Paraguay and ended up getting himself shot.

shrek said...

General Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan?