Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Allen Craig Watch

The Allen Craig watch, in spring training for El Birdos.

Before........... AB: 20 SO: 3 BB: 4 OBP .583 SLG .750 AVG.500

One Week Later: AB: 27 SO: 4 BB: 5 OBP .531 SLG .667 AVG .444

Allen has by FAR the bast stats for anyone with at least 15 at bats.

But he got assigned to AA Springfield, where he played last year.

We could sure use another lefthanded pitcher. Jaime Garcia has an ERA approaching 6, and NOT as a starter (As Angus is fond of saying, very slowly: "OTHER....PEOPLE's..... RUNS!"). Trever Miller is nearly 36 years old. Royce Ring has given up 16 earned runs, in 6 total innings pitched. That's an ERA well over 20. The only real lefty we've got is Dennis Reyes, who is 32 years old and looks rounder than the 250 he's listed at in the stats. Still, Reyes is a veteran, a solid guy, with a WHIP of 1.5 in nearly 650 total innings pitched. His ERA last year was 2.33; glad to have you, Dennis! Stats, and a video of the chubby one in action.

Anyway, we sure could use another lefthander. A spot starter guy, but mostly to come in and shut down one lefthanded batter in a tough inning. Right now, we have a bunch of guys who just spray gas on the fire.


Kindred Winecoff said...

Jaime Garcia is out after surgery, probably for the year. Ring has been horrible, but Miller and Reyes should be far better than the Villone/Flores monstrosity from last year, and there is some insurance in Ostland and Ring (if he ever straightens out). plus McClellan had good splits against lefties last year. and in a pinch, there's always the belt-high 98mph heater from Motte.

i think our pen is better than last year. i'm worried, tho, that when the inevitable injuries hit Carp, Waino, and/or Welly that we haven't got a single back-up option that's worth a damn.

Angus said...

el beisbol, bro!

Mungowitz said...

The way the Cards bullpen looks, it is "la" beisbol, caballero!

Will Welch said...

Angus, not sure if you're a fan of "The Office," but it turns out that "Ken Tremendous" of Fire Joe Morgan was the alter ego of Mike Schur, one of the "Office" writers.

Angus said...

I miss that blog! I somehow suspected that Ken didn't live in his mom's basement and work for Fremulon Insurance!

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