Friday, March 13, 2009

It Sucks to Be Allen Craig....

My Cardinals invited 20 guys as non-roster invitees this spring. One of them is Allen Craig, a 25 year old who has banged around the low minors for nearly five years.

This spring, here is his line: AB: 20 SO: 3 BB: 4 OBP .583 SLG .750 AVG.500

So....he's 10 for 20, slugging .750, with 2 doubles, a homer, and 8 RBIs.

Oh, and they are showcasing first freakin' base. The kid is having as a good a spring as anyone could ever have, and as a reward they are putting him at first behind...who is that guy? The first baseman for the Cards? A Latino name..... I'll think of it.

Anyway, it sucks to be Allen Craig. He has to hope that somebody notices, and they can trade him.

You know who is having an amazingly good spring? Our new shortstop, Khalil Greene.

You know who is really, really sucking? Ryan Ludwick. Yikes.
OBP .267 SLG .160 AVG .120

The "Mungowitz line*": If your slugging average is less than the weight of Mungowitz, you are not going to be playing in the majors for very long. I just went and weighed myself: 262. Careful, Ryan. Get your SLG back above the Mungowitz line before the end of spring training. And I'm only about two barbecue dinners away from catching your OBP. Sad, really.

And if your batting average is below the "Angus line" (I think Angus weighs in at about 135, but that's a guess)....well, you should follow the advice in the old Uranium Savages song: kill yourself, before someone does it for you. Poor Ludwick is below the Angus line.

*Yes, yes, like the Mendoza line. Exactly. What did you think I meant? Jeez...


will.welch said...

The chances of his Wally Pipp-ing Pujols are pretty slim.

Kindred Winecoff said...

Craig is also behind Glaus, Freese, and probably Wallace in the 3B depth chart.

the most important part of ST so far, in my mind, is that Carp has made it through unscathed and has been pretty effective.

anyway, it's nice to know there's some Redbirds fans in the Triangle. there's a few in the UNC Poli-Sci dept (where i'm a grad student) as well. if they make the playoffs, maybe we should have some watching parties.

Mungowitz said...

Yep, I agree. If Carp can return to his dominant days,


if we can figure out a closer, we might even win 90 games this year.

Watching parties, for sure. I have a big screen, and a large beer budget.