Thursday, March 26, 2009

My hometown gets reamed on the interwebs

Around here, people like to brag about how CNN/Money listed Norman as America's 6th best small city.

Judging from this post, though the folks at "Gridskipper: The Worldwide Travel Blog" were not consulted when forming those rankings.

Also you can check the extremely un-family friendly comments to see the friendly laid back spirit for which Oklahoma is so justly reknown.


steep said...

I went to the CNN/Money page to see how our fair area here ranks (Logan, UT). We didn't even make it into the database. Mungowitz needs to inform the Mayor, he and his neighbors have been dissed.

Anonymous said...

commenter #3 certainly feels strongly about gay adoption.

Shawn said...

sorry...I was distracted...what was that?