Friday, March 27, 2009

My Bracket vs. that of Baracket Obama

I have now risen to the 95%. The Duke loss, and the Missouri win, have me in pretty
good shape.

I would like to point out the comment from my previous post:

Anonymous said...

I wish I could imagine a universe where Mizzou can beat Memphis.

3:29 PM

It's not that hard to imagine, actually. Suppose that Mizzou scores 102,
and Memphis scores 91. Suppose Mizzou, a pressing team, has an easy time with the Memphis press. Suppose that this happened.

Mizzou over Memphis was actually quite a common pick. To say that you can't imagine a #3 winning over a #2 is a sign that you are bona fide moron. The game wasn't close. The match-ups were such that MANY people thought Mizzou was a good upset pick.

{Inappropriate screed, by me, deleted. My wife assures me I was irrational, and still on aneshesia from my early morning (8-9 am) medical procedure (yes, colonoscopy). So my apologies. The commenter was atually expressing HOPE that Mizzou would win, and I was too stupid to recognize that. Aaargh. How embarrassing.}

My bracket.

Bracket o' the Prez.


Anonymous said...

damn, that's pretty harsh munger...

prison rodeo said...

[clap clap]

THis needs a "chillipunkd" tag...

Angus said...


Way to go on the prognostications. Hope your OU pick proves correct as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm the idiot anonymous commenter, and I applaud your pick.

I didn't think there was any way that MU coulda beat Memphis...I watch a lot of Big 12 ball, and figured Mizzou's poor shooting and frequently inconsistent play woulda have been trumped by Memphis' stout defense and equal physicality.

I know it was a 3-2 game, but I didn't think this one was gonna be close. You called it, congrats.

Angus said...

Dear Idiot anonymous commenter:

Don't feel bad, bro. you got one part right: it wasn't close.


You got OU - Syracuse right too!! You are on fire!

Michael said...

Well, my apologies to Anon.

You are absolutely right that that comment could just as well be read as doubts about Mizzou, from the perspective of a FAN of Mizzou, as it can doubts about me, from a CRITIC of me. I misread it, perhaps willfully.

My bad for going off. I misinterpreted the intent. Self-deprecation and anonymity go well together.

Mea culpa, and my apologies, Anon.

Munger's wife said...

OK, for what it is worth. Michael wrote this post literally almost as soon as I brought him home from his colonscopy that morning. He was still very woozy. After writing, he sletp for hours. He doesn't remember several conversations with me or the doctor earlier that day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mungo.