Sunday, March 29, 2009

Great 8, Horror of 4: Mungodamus is Mungodumbass

So, I nailed all 8 of the round of 8.

And got gerschnockled in the final four.

My only surviving Final Fourist is UNC, who I have picked
to win against 'Nova, and then to beat the winner of the other side
of the bracket.

If UNC wins out, I do have a chance for glory.

Problem is that the Duke pool has LOTS of folks who picked UNC to go all the way (money more important than spirit) (not that we bet anything. That would be wrong).

Props to Aaron King. He believed in Michigan State all this time, and they came through. Aaaron is at 99.9 percentile. Wow.

Which reminds me, how do you keep a Michigan State cheerleader from drinking too much at the celebration for the final four? It's easy, just close the toilet seat.


Angus said...

LOL, look on the bright side. I believe you have mathematically eliminated BHO! Your a WEEEENER!!!

AK said...

Due to basketball-induced euphoria (because Coach Izzo is a genius and because of the overall health of my bracket at this late date), I will magnanimously say nothing about these harsh words against the lovely co-eds of MSU.

SpartanGop said...

Booooooooooo Munger!

Go Green!

Anonymous said...

You need to spend some time on MSU's campus during the warm months of the year to (easily) see the error of your joke.


Michael said...

Anon 2:53: Are you saying MSU cheerleaders are easy?

AK said...

I believe Anon. means that the ladies of MSU are a good-looking bunch and that, in the Spring, this would be easy for even *you* to see...

Mungowitz said...

The parenthetically split infinitive leads me to believe that Anon was an MSU lit major.

Am I right? Am I right?

(A lit bhang, I mean. Not an unlit one)

Aaron said...

I am actually in the 99.93rd percentile. Darn Pitt and your lack of late game situation defense.

Anonymous said...

MSU lit major? No! Just a guy who has actually been to MSU and marvels at the plethora of attractive coeds that grace its campus, especially during the warm spring and summer months. Even Michigan fans recognize this.

Anonymous said...

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