Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rockin' Like a Hurricane

Tonight....tonight......I'll watch hockEEEE tonight.

'Canes have actually pulled their sorry butts back into contention for an NHL playoff spot. If you want to argue that this is only because the Panthers, Rangers, and Sabres suck so bad, I won't disagree, but still.

I've had a hard few years. 'Canes won Lord Stanley's giant protective Cup in 2006, which was pretty fun. Hockey season lasted well into June here in Carolina.

Then, the last two years, hockey season ended in April, when the 'Canes didn't even make the playoffs. Last year, they had to take what looked like a Shaq on His Back Intentional Dive Attack to avoid the playoffs. They were four points ahead of the Washington Capitals with four games left in April 2008, but failed to hold the lead. Now THAT is sucking.

'Canes play the Blackhawks (36-19-9) tonight. They are playing in Atlanta (Make that CHICAGO; thanks DD, in comments!). The Blackhawks are quite good. We need to win this, but it will be tough....

And, with the help of "Anna Banana," we just might!


Dirty Davey said...

Why are they playing the Chicago Blackhawks in Atlanta?

Mungowitz said...

Wow. No real answer occurs to me.

They wanted to pick a neutral site?