Sunday, March 29, 2009

Choctaw Poker

Oklahoma is known for (besides me and Mrs. Angus) oil & gas, pig farming, self-storage, churches, and Indian Casinos. The one closest to our house is called Riverwind. It's actually Chickasaw, not Choctaw, but....

Anyway, they run two "big" poker tournaments a year. The "Big Slick" was last November. I won a seat into that tourney by winning a single table satellite and then finished 11th out of 186 entrants for a decent payday.

The other big tourney is called the "Storm". I just won a seat into that this afternoon via placing in the top 20% of a mega-satellite (where the buy in is 20% of the buy in to the big tourney and last 20% of the field left standing wins a seat). The Storm is May 9th. Come by and sweat me if you feel like it!