Saturday, March 07, 2009

Hangin' with the Inbreds

The highlight of our Friday at the PC meetings was going to see George Lopez at the Hilton. He was awesome. He hit the stage running as his first 10 minutes were probably the funniest minutes I'd ever experienced on this planet (the rest of the show was great too).

It was especially funny to us that Lopez shares our view (fully elaborated in the previous post) that the Imperial Palace is, shall we say, less than stellar. In his opening, he was riffing on Roy's return to the Las Vegas stage with the tiger that had mauled him.

Lopez claimed that white tigers were "inbred" and that Roy had provoked the tiger by hitting him on the nose with a microphone. He then asked "do you know what happens when you hit an inbred creature on the nose? Well go down to the Imperial Palace, where they all stay, and try it out!"

Hmmm, I wonder if George knew the PC meetings were in town?????

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Arkay 2.8 said...

I think he uses Mac. So, he isn't necessarily responsible for not knowing.