Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Dinner With Rush

Okay, it wasn't dinner, it was a 45 minute phone interview.

But....I really did get to talk to himself today, for 45 minutes. The results, or some of the results, will come out in the Limbaugh Letter.

And, I have to admit, he is a terrific interviewer. Really, really prepared, interested in the response, happy with long answers. I realize it would be different if I were a guest on the radio show. But he doesn't DO guests on the radio show, because he doesn't need to. He can do it himself, regardless of whether you might agree with the content.

The point is, it was not a Chris Matthews style interview, where the guest is really just a mute prop. We talked about a lot of stuff. Rush appeared particularly interested in how American history is taught, and what is going to happen in Cuba.

A blast, in other words. Regardless of whether anything gets used (and that is entirely up to the EIB; that is an entertainment business, first and foremost), it was quite an experience, talking to the man that the Obama administration considers to be the intellectual leader of the conservative movement.

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Dr. Richard Scott Nokes said...

I'm guessing 45 minutes of meandering conversation has got to be way different in feel than radio chopped up into small bits by commercial breaks.