Friday, March 13, 2009

From the department of... WTF?

I got the following email from the Dean's office yesterday:

I want to make you aware of two recent classroom disruptions. On Wednesday afternoon, two groups of men entered two large adjacent lecture rooms in Dale Hall during classes. Seven to eight men entered each room, walked in a uniform manner and sat down in unison in seats, and two men stood at the back doors to the classrooms. They refused to leave when requested to do so by the instructor and eventually left the room in the same manner as they entered it. OUPD is investigating this matter.

For the curious, OUPD is the University of Oklahoma Police Department (yes we abbreviate the University of Oklahoma as OU 'round here!).

1 comment:

Luc Perkins said...

sounds like some kind of fraternity initiation. i see things like this go on on my campus pretty frequently. probably nothing to worry about.