Monday, March 02, 2009

News of the Day

1. Tough times among the failed right in DC. Look, people, you CAUSED this. A little humility might be in order.

I understand that the Obamarama is painful, as it is for us all. But you had the keys to the halls of power, and all you did for 8 years was run up the deficit and lick your own private parts in public.

2. Wearing fishnets well is the best revenge. Shopowner in Old Town wants to expand. Old Town says "no." Shopowner leases to "adult products" shop. Old Town says "Oh, no."

(Nods to Anonyman)


John Thacker said...

Technically, they had the keys to power for 6 years. The last 2 years have had divided government, which didn't work so well either.

Anonymous said...

That Old Town story reminds my of my former residence of Bexley, Ohio where residence fought against a new McDonald's in the late 1990s. The funny thing is that the McDonalds was replacing a porno theatre!

So that guy is probably right that the sex shop isn't as bad as a fast food joint.

Apparently in tree-lined suburbia, Big Macs are more evil than big 'uns.

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