Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another Doha round

This time it is the WTA tour championships, which I think will be about as successful as the Doha round of trade negotiations were!

People, women's tennis is in bad bad shape. The number one player, Dinara Safina, is a head case who has never won a slam.

Venus Williams is toast. She is done.

Somehow Serena Williams wins half of the grand slam events with no training program and no effort in any of the other events the rest of the year.

Things are so bad that Kim Clisters came back from a 3 year layoff and dominated the tour this summer.

The pickings are so easy that even that little rat-faced cheater Justine Henin is going to come back.

American women's tennis is in even worse shape than the the overall sport. Our great hope is Melanie Oudin, a feisty midget with absolutely no weapons and a scumbag coach.

I would hazard a guess that tennis is the most lucrative professional sport available for women.

Where in the world is the talent?


Anonymous said...

What a sad person you are Angus. If you don't get something don't comment about it, ok?

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I don't think that it is in that bad shape. I think that they need to find new players and current player need some incentive.

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