Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ruler of the Waves

Knut the great was just kidding when he commanded the tide not to come in (or maybe he was just quick witted enough to save face?), but Yury Luzhkov apparently did not get the memo that only the man upstairs can control the weather.

Fresh from his ill starred attempt to reverse the flow of a Siberian river for "irrigation purposes", the Mayor of Moscow has guaranteed that it will not snow in Moscow this winter.

His plan is to have the Russian airforce chemically seed the snow clouds causing them to dump their load outside the city limits. All winter long.

Besides the intrinsic gut feeling of not-a-good-idea-ness, there are other objections to the plan:

"So far the main objection to the plan has come from Moscow's suburbs, which will likely be inundated with snow if the plan goes forward."

Maybe the airforce can just open the whole thing up for bids.


Anonymous said...

No snow in Moscow? Then what will hide the dirt?

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