Monday, October 12, 2009

I think they were off by two

According to Money Magazine, I have the 3rd best job in America: College Professor.

They kind of jumble up two very different kinds of jobs into one entry though:

3. College Professor

Median salary (experienced): $70,400
Top pay: $115,000
Job growth (10-year forecast): 23%
Sector: Education

What they do: Teach and grade papers, of course. But profs also spend about half their time doing research and writing articles and books about their field.

Why it's great: For starters, major scheduling freedom. "Besides teaching and office hours, I get to decide where, when, and how I get my work done," says Daniel Beckman, a biology professor at Missouri State University. And that doesn't even take into account ample time off for holidays and a reduced workload in the summer. Competition for tenure track positions at four-year institutions is intense, but you'll find lots of available positions at community colleges and professional programs, where you can enter the professoriate as an adjunct faculty member or non-tenure track instructor without a doctorate degree. That's particularly true during economic downturns, when laid-off workers often head back to school for additional training. More valuable perks: reduced or free tuition for family members and free access to college gyms and libraries.

Drawbacks: Low starting pay and a big 50% salary gap between faculty at universities and community colleges. If the position is at a four-year university, you'll probably have to relocate, and you'll be under pressure to constantly publish new work to sustain career momentum.

How to get it: For a tenure track position, you'll need a Ph.D. But all colleges want at least a master's degree and prefer plenty of teaching experience.

People, I would wax so bold as to assert that tenured professor at a research university is actually the greatest job in the world!


Anonymous said...

I find it puzzling that the media just cannot understand the difference between professors in the tenure system and lecturers outside the tenure system. As Angus said, they really are mixing two very different career types here.

ardyanovich said...

I suppose the key word is tenure. Without tenure, a professorship is a major drag.

prison rodeo said...

"Top pay: $115,000"


That's Munger's bar bill...

Angus said...

LOL, for a month!

Anonymous said...

I don't really understand the "50% salary gap between faculty at universities and community colleges"

Does no one know any labor economics?

I guess that pay gap between an extra on sit com and George Clooney is a real drag on the acting profession, too.

Dirty Davey said...

C'mon, it can't be any higher than #3.

Numbers 1 and 2 should be "Pope" and "Justice of the Supreme Court".

If the positions hadn't been abolished, it would also be behind the Presidents of the American and National Leagues.