Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sustainability Day!

I just got this email, from Duke. Somebody please shoot me.

Celebrate Campus Sustainability Day! Visit our website to read more and get involved.

Duke Plans To Become ‘Climate Neutral’ By 2024--Duke University has released a plan to become climate neutral by 2024, which coincides with the 100th anniversary of James B. Duke signing the indenture of trust that established the institution. The university developed the plan as part of the American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment, which President Richard H. Brodhead signed in 2007. Earlier this month, Duke’s Board of Trustees reviewed and endorsed the goal of achieving climate neutrality. read more...

Campus Sustainability Day--October 21, 2009
Sustainable Duke invites students, staff, faculty and the community to celebrate Campus Sustainability Day on October 21st! We have a lot to celebrate as Duke recently released its Climate Action Plan, which will guide the University in achieving climate neutrality by 2024. We challenge you to take action today to lessen your environmental footprint and to help Duke lead the way toward a sustainable future. read more...

Bleed Blue. Live Green. I support a Sustainable Duke!

"We have a lot to celebrate, because Duke just released its climate action plan"? Omigohbees.


Anonymous said...

Don't celebrate too much. It might increase your carbon footprint.

-- mje

Shawn said...

While I do understand the desirability of sustainability/carbon-neutrality, I'm of course skeptical of the attainability of doing so...or even the costs required.

Do you know of a good paper or book discussing the issue from an economics perspective?

Tom said...

WUNC radio reports that Duke is going to buy "carbon credits." Some charlatans are going to get rich.

The Spivonomist said...

Goodness gracious! I clicked on the first link and was greeted with quite a spectacle. Perhaps I drew a spurious conclusion, but I do recall seeing images of enthusiastic crowds making very similar gestures in or around the Munich area 70ish years ago. Who decided that was an appropriate photograph to advertise Duke's dedication to the good of the planet?

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