Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lin Ostrom Lecture

Fun to watch her. She is a badass.

(Nod to Art Carden, World's Whitest Man)


Anonymous said...

Love her. I wonder if the committee picked her and Williamson to keep at bay the Economists who watched them award the economically retarded Obama for the peace prize and the discredited Paul Krugman for economics last year. Its a politically determined prize so I'm thinking that's where they were going with there picks. I like the economists though it doesn't make them any better or worse having won this prize. Just like Mises not getting the award doesn't mean much for me. I what Hayek won for was somewhat like giving it to Mises

Anonymous said...

speaking of retarded i just read my last comment.
*I guess when Hayek won it was like giving the award to Mises.

Anonymous said...

Excellent lecture on the absolute need for diversity in seeing the problems and helping to solve them thanks

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