Thursday, November 04, 2010

Big Doings

September and October were the highest traffic months in KPC history, so Mungo and I would like to thank the KPC nation for their patronage.

As you know we have a rotating tagline below our nameplate (currently contributed by Mr. F. Zappa), but now we want you to choose / create our new tagline!

That's right, it's our first ever "tag KPC" contest.*

Winner gets immortalized on our masthead along with an awesome, custom KPC gift card from Starbucks (really!). Send your entries via Twitter, Facebook, or email to Angus (my email is available through my Blogger profile page), and thanks again to all of you.

*KPC employees and relatives of employees are ineligible. The decision of the judges will be final. Void where prohibited.


Anonymous said...

More Zappa, please

Max Sawicky said...

"Drowning Government in the bathtub, one glug at a time . . . "

Dan said...

Apropos the Tourettes-esque comment from a few posts ago, I think the tagline should be: "Fatter in real life than you imagined."

Or maybe, "Real life adds ten pounds."

David said...

Professor, whats another word for pirates' treasure?

Angus said...

ummm, booty?????

Richard Stands said...

"Real kids prefer chèvre (before it's cheese)."

Shawn said...

KPC ain't noise pollution.

B. Rule said...

We totally know the guy from econtalk.

REW said...

"Like a higher deductible for your intellect."

"Delivery not included"

"Lo hicimos"

"Economic aces and poli-sci rock stars"

With apologies to In Living Color and certain sensibilities:
"We're non-brothers who are non-brothers"

Richard Stands said...

Blogs are not fungible.